We are Jelasin

it's an Indonesian slang for "explain it!", explainer is in our blood!

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Who We Are

Let just say... we are a startup best buddy

animating is our passion, but becoming a part of your startup success story is our purpose

Taufshwara Diasriandaru Sundy Arma Nempung Satria Utomo  Christino Malaysianto
  • Taufshwara



    a.k.a. the Orangufan, his passion in IT and animation industry inspire him to create jelasin explainer maker that have one goal! "to help local startup spread their ideas or solutions"
    Role: Marketing, Copywriting, Quallity Control

  • Sundy

    Arma Nempung

    Co-Founder | COO | Technical Director

    Have been in animation industry for more than since 2002 and never stop learning something new. As Disney always said "keep moving forwads!"
    Role: Storyboards, Scene Rigging, Art Director

  • Satria


    motiongrapher | Editor

    Is youngest member in jelasin.com. Graduates in visual communication desaign with expertise motion graphic, animation etc. He loves animation because life is never still...
    Role: Motion Graphic, Editing

  • Wempy

    Dyocta Koto


    Named by Fortune as one of Indonesia's "40 Under 40″and one of the world's 200 leading social CEOs, in a list led by Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Richard Branson
    Role: Board of Advisory

Some Words About Us

The word "Jelasin" is an Indonesian slang for "Jelaskan" or "Explain it" in English, so it's all about explainer... that's what we are, that's our purpose, that's our passion, and that's the only thing that we can do, and we can do it effectively good!

Jelasin studio founded on October 2013 by Indonesian animation and storytelling experts, since then we have crafting a lot of explainers fro all over the world including Italy, Japan, US, UK, India Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

We state our selve as a startup best buddy that's why on June 2014 we become the official partner of Founder-Institue and Indosat Ideabox (tech startup incubation program).